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Ladies and Gentlemen.. Introducing…. Me

Hello reader,

I will admit, I have tried blogging before but all the ideas I previously had for a blog was pretty lame.

Recently, I have been attending certain activities during my holidays in Dubai. That’s when it hit me, may be I should make a blog about these activities. That way it might help certain people in Dubai or the ones who wish to visit Dubai to spend some amazing time instead of just visiting the malls. Now, I am not saying the malls in Dubai is lame, actually it is awesome. But there may be people, like me, who is not into shopping but who wants to try something different and have a great time. I do warn you that my blog will contain reviews of some movies too. I hope you will enjoy my blog and I would love to read your comments about my blog too.

Yours Truly,

Adil Mohammed Kutty