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In the UAE, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was released yesterday, 5th September 2014, instead of the world wide release date of 8th August 2014. I know the movie got a lot of bad reviews, but still I was eagerly waiting to watch the movie, because I have seen all the cartoons and I really loved it and I couldn’t wait to wait to watch the rebooted movie (yes I have watched the old movies too). I finally saw the movie in 4DX yesterday, and here is my review of the movie.


The foot clan, an evil group headed by the Shreddder, is losing it’s power over the city as some unknown vigilantes are

Vox Cinema 4DX tickets

Vox Cinema 4DX tickets

disrupting their every plans. Meanwhile a struggling journalist, April O’Neil, in an attempt to get better cover stories, finds who the vigilantes are and her life is exposed to danger when Shredder hunts for the vigilantes in order to set his old plan, which was stopped, back in motion when he finds out the identities of the vigilantes (thanks April O’Neil). The vigilantes, who are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, are the only ones who can stop the evil plan of Shredder and save the city.


  • The characters of the turtles is really good, and obviously the spot light is taken over by my favorite turtle, Michelangelo.
  • There are lots of fun filled moments in the movie.
  • The action scenes are pretty good, even though most of it is CGI.
  • It’s always good to see everyone’s favorite turtles in action. (Duh!)


  • How Splinter learns Ninjutsu was, in my opinion,lame.


  • The worst thing about the movie is its story and it’s pretty predictable. It is very similar to the story of one of the worst bollywood movies I have ever seen, Krrish 3.

Even though the story is bad, the movie is enjoyable because of the funny moments of the turtles and their on screen bromance. It is for sure a one time watchable movie, after which you are pretty much going to forget the movie, except for the elevator scene.