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Frankly speaking, I am getting tired of watching 3D movies nowadays. Almost every movie is releasing in 3D and only a few scenes in the movie is in actual 3D. But not to worry, because ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you the future of cinema viewing experience, THE 4DX CINEMA.


Example of 5D simulator.

4DX is basically 3D plus some extra effects like light, wind , motion, water and scent. It’s just like the 8D cinema simulators we see in amusement parks or malls, but instead of short roller coaster or other videos, it will be a full length movie. In UAE, this technology is exclusive at Vox Cinemas and a ticket costs AED 125 excluding the 3D glasses. So, is it really worth it?


  • I must say, the 3D experience is much better than the usual 3D viewing. I have been to 4DX cinemas twice and both the time I felt that the 3D content is much better in 4DX. Trust me, I have been to most of the cinemas in the UAE and I have been to lots of 3D movies until I realised it’s just a rip-off, and stopped watching movies in 3D.
  • The motion effect is very good and this must be the mostly used effect in the 4DX, atleast according to me. The first movie I saw in 4DX was The Amazing Spider-man 2, and the motion effect in 4DX did justice in capturing the way spidey swinged acrossed the city. Besides the motion, the vibration effect is also noteworthy.


  • The water effect is just a bad gimmick. When ever there is a scene in the movie in which there is a rain or the
    To disable or not to disable. That's the question.

    To disable or not to disable. That’s the question.

    character is in a situation where he is in a “watery situation” (I just made up the word, but you get the idea), water squirts up from the front and it creates a feeling of the “watery situation”, which is nothing like it. But, if you wish to stop this effect there is a button on the right hand of the seat, where you can opt to disable this effect. I still leave the water effect on though, cause it is part of the 4DX and I want to enjoy the total experience.


  • If you ask me what the worst thing about the 4DX is, I would definitely say the scent effect is the worst. Why? because both of the time I have been to the 4DX, there was not a single scene in the movie of which the scent effect was used, except for one scene in the trailer of the 4DX. 

In the end, if given a chance, would I go to watch a movie in 4DX? Yes, I would definitely. I mean The Amazing Spider-man 2 was a bad movie, that’s a given. But I really enjoyed the movie just because I was watching it in 4DX. So I suggest you go for it.