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Replica shooting

I love video games, and among them my favourite are mostly First Person Shooter games. I have always wondered how it would be to shoot a gun. I am pretty sure most of you also have thought about the same.

So, I was browsing through a website and there it was. A coupon for shooting and it was so cheap too. (I should have got the hint from the price itself that it was a replica. P.S: but I didn’t). With high hopes and dreams; me, my colleague and my brother went to “Hobbies Club, Dubai”, where the shooting was being held.


The Shooting area of Hobbies Club

Hobbies Club, as the name itself suggest, is a place with a lot of recreational activities to try, like mountain biking, quad biking, horse riding and all. We went inside and gave the staff, who works there, the coupon. He took us to the place where the target shooting is, and that my friends was when I became totally disappointed. At that moment we realised that the shooting was not going to be with a real gun, and voila the staff came out with three air rifles. We were disappointed. Very disappointed. But then we thought we are here anyway and we paid for this, so might as well try who has a better aim at shooting.

The gun was very light and very easy to operate. I don’t remember how many “bullets” we were given to shoot, but everyone of us hit the bulls eye. In the end, most of my “bullets” where the ones to hit the bulls eye and hence I was the winner of the day. The only point of time where I was not disappointed of that day.

The last sheet is mine 8)

The last sheet is mine 8). I swear…