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Gun shooting

My previous post was about the disappointing replica gun shooting. But I didn’t lose hope. I promised my self that I will try target shooting with a real gun and that’s exactly what I did.

For this, we had to go all the way to “Al Forsan International Sports Resort” in Abu Dhabi. Talking about Al Forsan International Sports Resort, It is like Hobbies Club, but better, bigger and with more recreational activities. I recommend everyone to visit this place and try out the activities they provide. 20140821_163820

Other than the charges for the activity that you wish to try, there is an additional entrance and parking fee (if you want to take your car inside and park right near to where the activity is). Me and my colleague parked the car outside and we were taken to the building, where the shooting is, in a bus and thank god for that because Al Forsan covers a very wide area, and we would have had to walk a very long distance to reach there.

Once we reached the building we showed our coupon and we went to the underground level of the building. There were already people practicing the target shooting and I couldn’t help from stopping myself from smiling on the very sight of target shooting it self. Finally, I am going to shoot with a real gun.

We had to wear a noise cancellation head phone (which only reduces the noise of the gun shots and not completely mute it) and since I already wear a glass, I was not required to wear an eye protection glass. The gun given to us was a Beretta 9mm,

Beretta 9mm

Beretta 9mm

with 30 bullets to practice our shoot. It was heavy. I couldn’t hear most of what the instructor said because of the noise cancellation head phones. But he wouldn’t hand over the gun unless it was facing the target board and nowhere else (thanks for trusting me). I must say it was scary to shoot a gun. It was my first time shooting a real gun and the constant fear of hitting somewhere other than the target made me nervous (now I know why the staff of Al Forsan didn’t trust me).

Unlike the replica gun shooting, where I hit the bulls-eye from the start itself, I couldn’t manage to hit the bulls-eye with the real gun untill the last few rounds. This time, my colleague beat me in shooting. But the experience was very good.