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There’s nothing much to say about Jet skiing. Everyone knows about it. We have seen it in movies and I’m pretty sure I speak for everyone when I say that everyone has wanted to ride a jet ski.

As usual, me and my colleague purchased a coupon for jet skiing and went to Mamzar Beach in Sharjah. On arriving near the beach itself, we got to see a lot of people canvassing potential clients into riding a jet ski, and there were a lot of tents setup which was into this business.  We had a hard time figuring out in which tent we were supposed to show our coupon, but eventually we found it.

My colleague was asked to sign a term and condition form and then we were given life jackets to put on. Since, the handle of a jet ski looks similar to that of a bike, I assumed the acceleration mechanism will be the same too. I was wrong. It is very easy to 2014-08-15 10.31.40operate a jet ski and I am pretty sure it is very rare for someone to fall from it. But I did see some people fall from it. Don’t believe me? Look at the main picture I uploaded for the post. There are two people in the water next to the jet ski in which they rode, behind me. Till this moment I have no idea how they fell.

It was a good experience, but it could have been better if we were allowed to ride a wider area. But for safety reasons, we weren’t allowed to and it would cost us about AED 500 (I think) if we violate it, as per the terms and condition that we had signed.

We created a video, for a competition, that would have won us a GoPro Hero 3+, but sadly we didn’t win. Anyhow, below is the video for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.